Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions provide an easy way to meet requirements for electronic Purchase Orders, Advance Ship Notices (ASNs), Invoices and other EDI transactions. When EDI provider solutions are used in conjunction with QuickBooks and Rapid Inventory, the need for manual data entry in QuickBooks is greatly reduced. For example, your customer uses EDI to place a new order. The EDI system automatically creates a Sales Order for you in QuickBooks, Rapid Inventory sees the open Sales Order and automatically syncs it. The warehouse picks the Sales Order and Rapid Inventory creates a new invoice in QuickBooks. The EDI system sees a new invoice and automatically sends it and an Advanced Ship Notice to the customer. The only human involved in the whole process was the warehouse employee. This is efficient and accurate!


True Commerce makes it painless to implement Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the most widely used form of business-to-business electronic commerce, by making it simple and affordable.

When it comes to EDI, TrueCommerce delivers unsurpassed value. Rather than requiring you to utilize a combination of expensive third-party EDI providers, we deliver and support your entire EDI solution. This enables us to provide valuable cost-saving benefits that no one else can offer.