Field Sales Solutions are designed for remote sales order entry. Give your field sales team anytime and anywhere access to critical customer information using their smartphone, laptop or tablet computer. Create orders or add items to existing orders. Integrating your Field Sales system with our QuickBooks inventory system means that these new orders to pass automatically into Rapid Inventory for fulfillment. Imagine a situation where the warehouse is already picking the sales order before the salesperson has even left the customer’s facility.


If your small business is like most, you have a mountain of valuable information about your customers and sales locked up inside QuickBooks – information that could save everyone time, avoid countless questions, and keep everyone fully informed and on the same page – if only they could all see this treasure trove of data.

Santrio makes that possible.

Now you, your sales team, and even your customers can simply look at the status of their accounts and orders – no more waiting for an answer from Joe, who is waiting for an answer from Mary, who is waiting until normal business hours on Monday to call Carl, and so on.

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eMobile POS

eMobilePOS helps retail suppliers performing sales and delivery to boost profits and accuracy by focusing on customer satisfaction, inventory efficiency and optimization of the order and delivery process. All information is captured directly with a mobile device instead of on a piece of paper and eMobilePOS provides easy synchronization with QuickBooks to ensure data accuracy between eMobilePOS, QuickBooks, and Rapid Inventory. Sales and delivery personnel can spend more time with customers, building relationships and taking orders, instead of wasting time on manual paperwork.