Small to mid-sized businesses now have a perfect solution for their inventory software needs.

Not sure if Rapid Inventory software is for you? Ask yourself these six questions:

Do you have trouble managing inventory accuracy?

Rapid Inventory was designed to work hand-in-hand with QuickBooks to add crucial inventory management functions for small businesses and beyond. Take advantage of inventory tracking (even for multiple locations!), stock rotation, barcode scanning, lot number tracking, expiration date tracking, and more to increase your inventory accuracy, ultimately resulting in increased efficiency.

Does it take too long to fulfill orders so you can’t invoice quickly?

Our QuickBooks inventory management system streamlines the order fulfillment process, translating to a better ability to get invoices out faster and receive payment sooner. Rapid Inventory and QuickBooks work in tandem to create, pick, and invoice sales orders.

Do you ever have too much cash tied up in inventory?

Excess inventory due to over-ordering can be a real hassle for your business. Rapid Inventory can help you better manage your cash flow, as well as provide concise inventory forecasting reports, ensuring you have the right products on the shelf to meet demand, and the cash resources you need.

Is your business experiencing shrinkage?

Now you can reduce or completely eliminate your business’s inventory shrinkage because Rapid Inventory allows you to know exactly where every item in your inventory is at all times. Rapid Inventory also has item-level stock rotation, using First In, First Out (FIFO) and First Expired, First Out (FEFO).

Is it hard to accurately project inventory needs?

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to make sure your product supply aligns with your customers’ level of demand. Rapid Inventory’s Purchasing Forecasting Reports allow you to make informed, accurate decisions based on past sales data and current market indicators.

Want to sell and ship more products in a day without adding staff?

Instead of adding more employee costs to your small business, use technology. Rapid Inventory’s barcode technology will streamline your operations. Barcodes themselves are not inventory management, but they enable you to track things in an easy, fast, virtually error-proof way, increasing efficiency and order fulfillment ease, all leading to increased order output.