If you’re considering QuickBooks inventory managementmake Rapid Inventory your first choice. Compared to other options, Rapid Inventory is:

  • The least expensive
  • The fastest to implement
  • The easiest to use
  • The only solution that keeps your users in QuickBooks

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Rapid Inventory was designed from the ground up to be deeply integrated and seamless with QuickBooks. So if you’re using QuickBooks now, Rapid Inventory is your #1 choice for adding the inventory management functionality that just isn’t built into QuickBooks.

Fully Integrated Inventory Software Features — No Bouncing Back and Forth

Unlike the experience with other inventory management products, Rapid Inventory enables your inventory management functions and your QuickBooks functions to be fully in sync. Other inventory tracking and barcode software solutions take over all inventory functionality from QuickBooks. That means you lose everything you know and love about QuickBooks.

With Rapid Inventory, you perform all accounting functions for your small business in QuickBooks and all inventory functions in Rapid Inventory.  The two programs talk to each other, automatically sharing data so you have the benefit of real-time information.  It’s the perfect inventory tracking software solution for users of QuickBooks.

Get Insightful Projection Reports to Guide Decisions for Your Business

Wouldn’t it be great to never over- or under-order again, or to make sure your product supply aligns with your customers’ level of demand? Our QuickBooks-integrated inventory tracking and barcode software can help. Without excess inventory tying up your resources, your improved cash flow can give you more flexibility.

Thanks to the advanced reporting functionality of Rapid Inventory, you can get Inventory Forecasting and Purchasing Reports to help you make informed decisions based on your past sales data and current indicators.

Added QuickBooks Functionality

QuickBooks is a great business tool—but it only goes so far. Rapid Inventory was designed to add the inventory management functions that businesses really need to excel in today’s dog eat dog world, including:

  • Ability to Track Items in Multiple Warehouse Locations
  • Ability to Track Items in Multiple Locations in a Single Warehouse
  • Stock Rotation
  • Barcode Scanning and Printing Upgrade Option

  • Lot Number Tracking
  • Ability to Easily Manage Recalls
  • Expiration Date Tracking
  • Integrated Automatic Interface to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise

What’s Your Role in the Business?

Inventory Manager: See how Rapid Inventory’s features and benefits can streamline your busy work life:

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Owner, CEO, or Manager: Learn how Rapid Inventory’s features and benefits will improve your bottom-line:

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