Your standard small to mid-sized business inventory management job functions are covered: Builds, Receiving, Put Away, Physical and Cycle Counts, Holds, Reporting, Picking.

Rapid Inventory’s QuickBooks inventory management goes much deeper than other inventory management software to save time, making your team far more efficient:

Fill multi-location orders faster: If you have to manage multiple locations in a single warehouse, you know how much of a hassle it can be to fulfill an order when inventory is all over the place. Rapid Inventory enables you to know exactly where every item is and directs the pickers exactly where to go. They save time; you get more orders picked.
Track multiple warehouses: If you have inventory in multiple warehouses, you’ll need to transfer items between them. Rapid Inventory makes it quick and easy. Plus—no extra charge for additional warehouses.
Manage inventory from anywhere: Since Rapid Inventory is web-based, or “cloud-based,” you can sign in from anywhere. You’re not limited to using only certain computers like you are with other products.
Easily upgrade to mobile barcode scanning: You know barcodes and real-time mobile wireless scanning are the wave of the future (if not the present!) for inventory management. Rapid Inventory allows you to implement this technology easily and quickly, with optional barcode equipment rental or purchase.
Turn lot number tracking into a piece of cake: Normally a huge headache, lot number tracking is now a simple, one-step process in your receiving and picking process.
Automatically generate a build list: Increase picking efficiency, then track completed assemblies at your warehouse stocking location.
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