Cloud-based computing is nothing new. It’s become nearly mainstream since the first large-scale uses back in 2006.

Amazon was one of the first to use the concept. Now Dell, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and thousands of companies, large and small, take advantage of cloud-based computing.

And now, Rapid Inventory provides cloud inventory management software that is available for you to access from anywhere in the world. We know that it is no mistake that many of the businesses featured in the Fortune 500 list are using cloud computing. That’s why we developed our cloud-based inventory management system for businesses of any size. Rapid Inventory’s QuickBooks inventory management system allows safe, secure, and 24/7 access for your business. The benefits of this include tracking inventory in real time to see where orders are within the processing chain.

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Here’s a small sample of current users of Rapid Inventory on our cloud-based computing solution: