Warehouse safety is very important. There are hundreds of possible ways to get injured while working in a warehouse. To start the new year off right be sure to review the basics in warehouse safety with your employees. Once you’ve reviewed the basics listed below, go over the safety procedures that are unique to your company.


  1. Wear a hard hat at all times while working.

  2. Always keep work stations clean and free of clutter.

  3. Make sure all floors are swept and no boxes or other items restrict walkways.

  4. Stay alert when working in areas where forklifts are in operation and look twice when going around corners or crossing isles.

  5. Never attempt to move or operate a forklift unless you are trained and authorized to do so.

  6. Make sure you clean up any items that can cause someone to slip. These items include: shrink wrap, pallet strapping, cardboard, waste paper and wooden pallet chunks.

  7. Empty trash cans whenever they are full – do not allow them to overflow.

  8. Before lifting heavy objects, make sure a tool  like a cart, dolly, forklift, hand truck or wheelbarrow cannot be used instead.

  9. When carrying heavy objects always take the shortest route and slowly lower the load.

  10. Inspect ladders before use. Never use a damaged or unsafe ladder.

  11. Be aware of hazard zones like loading docks where there is heavy forklift traffic and inventory can be hastily and haphazardly stacked.

  12. Make sure storage racks and shelving are strong enough to handle the weight of the items being stored.

  13. Place heavier objects close to the floor with lighter and smaller objects stored on higher shelves.

  14. Never remove guards from conveyors, and always contain or remove long hair, jewelry and loose clothing so they don’t get caught in the equipment.

Have a safe and happy New Year!