Cloud based inventory management is not only convenient and affordable — it’s incredibly trustworthy. Finding a system you can trust to run smoothly is no easy prospect, but such a setup is definitely available when you invest in cloud based inventory. Listed below are the five best reasons to put your faith in the cloud!

QuickBooks Integration

You are familiar and comfortable with QuickBooks. Perfect! Rapid Inventory offers access to the QuickBooks setup you’ve come to know and love, with the added benefit of being plugged in to the cloud.

Remote Access

Rapid Inventory guarantees that warehouse managers will always be able to access essential information whenever they need it, no matter where they are. If you have a decent internet connection, you’ll have no trouble accessing the inventory system.

Minimizing Errors

Fortunately, Rapid Inventory offers a reliable software application known as the QuickBooks Web Connector, through which easy tracking and seamless integration ensures that warehouse managers and the employees they supervise do not make costly errors.

Security Maintenance

Maintaining security is a prime concern, particularly in an age of increasingly adept hackers. The experts at Rapid Inventory understand concerns some users may have with the cloud, but rest assured the security of your information is always a top priority. What’s more, security may actually be improved by the lack of extensive hardware and software. After all, there’s less potential for damage in the event of an on-site emergency!

Commitment to Innovation

It can be tempting to stay mired in the ways of the past — most people and businesses have a tendency to stick with what’s comfortable, as opposed to make the anxiety-inducing transition to something potentially more efficient. But by committing to industry innovation, you eliminate many of the problems that accompany outdated technology. With opportunities such as mobile barcode scanning on the threshold, Rapid Inventory keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest in the warehouse industry.

Efficient, accurate and affordable, cloud based inventory management is the way of the future. Get on board and watch your business skyrocket!