Many Rapid Inventory customers have been using the inventory management solution for some time and might be thinking about adding barcode functionality to their operations as a next phase. Barcoding your current inventory and taking a physical inventory using barcode scanners will provide an excellent starting point for getting an even more accurate idea of your inventory.

Using barcode scanners for your receiving, picking, cycle counting, and moving transactions will ensure that you maintain a high level of Gamen inventory accuracy. This can be particularly important if the your business must track lot numbers or serial numbers for your products. The key advantages to Rapid Inventory’s barcoding implementation include:

  1. Scanning product barcodes during the Sales Order picking process verifies that you are shipping the correct product to your customer.
  1. Barcode scanning lot numbers or serial numbers ensures accurate collection and recording for ‘sold to’ and ‘bought from’ tracking.

Barcode functionality will take your operation to the next level of inventory accuracy and may also satisfy the demand from your customers to have barcodes on the products you ship them.

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