The days of clipboard inventory accompanied by excessive amounts of paperwork have, at long last, come to an end. Rapid Inventory utilizes the latest technological innovations in order to provide warehouse managers and employees with a more efficient means of keeping track of essential warehouse transactions. Thanks to cloud based inventory, all data related to these transactions can be stored and easily retrieved from an outside database; freeing the warehouse location from the security risks related to onsite information storage. The result is all the convenience of new technology without the hassles of giving up familiar QuickBooks systems.

Easy QuickBooks Integration

Those unfamiliar with cloud based inventory often worry about their ability to adapt to new technology. Fortunately, inventory on the cloud is easy to pick up, even for employees who are notorious for being technologically inept. QuickBooks integration combines the new with the old in a manner that is efficient and surprisingly intuitive.

Eliminate Lag Time

When used alone, QuickBooks can cause a fair amount of lag time between the receiving of purchase orders and their appearance in the inventory. Alone, these delays might not seem like much, but they add up quickly. Given its real-time setup, cloud based inventory is perfectly poised to enable instant revisions to inventory tracking. Ultimately, this elimination of lag time leads to fewer errors and a smooth operation.

Cost Effective

Past versions of inventory management software have remained financially out of reach for many small to mid-size warehouse operations. The incorporation of the cloud into the latest inventory programs translates to greater accessibility for parties previously left behind, simply because the cloud based method is more cost effective. Instead of investing in expensive hardware to maintain inventory systems, warehouse managers can now enjoy easy maintenance on the cloud. And with the potential to support hundreds, even thousands of users at the same time, the cloud approach quickly leads to significant savings.

The cloud may be an updated approach to inventory, but it retains the QuickBooks system that has proven so valuable to employees over the years. By combining the best of both worlds, the cloud has brought the dream of effortless inventory to life!