You may already have an inventory and tracking system in place for your warehouse, but when was the last time you updated it? With advances in cloud computing and channel partnerships you could be wasting a lot of money by sticking with an outdated system. Before simply upgrading to a newer version of your current system, consider implementing a barcode inventory ordering and receiving system. There are also several inventory software applications on the market that will integrate with your accounting software. Below I’ve pulled together a few more tips to help you save money when upgrading your system.


  1. Use low-cost consumer Android tablets in combination with Bluetooth barcode scanners instead of expensive mobile data collection devices.

  2. Subscribe to your barcode tracking hardware, using the Hardware-as-a-Service model, rather than buying it.

  3. Use inexpensive Cloud-based inventory management software like Rapid Inventory for as little as $60/month rather than buying a software package.

  4. Start with a free trial subscription for the first 30 days, and then incrementally expand or shrink the system as your business dealing fluctuate.

  5. Use pre-printed tracking barcodes instead of purchasing barcode label printers.