Isn’t Our Website Good Enough?

In a nutshell – yes, and no.  As in YES, you need social media presence.  And NO, having just a website isn’t good enough.  Sorry!

As a business leader, you know that in order to make money, people need to know you exist.   You need to figure out who you customers are, where they are, and how to get in their head.  Today’s consumer is on social media, so that is where you need to be.  In fact, an estimated 56% of B2B marketers are planning on investing more in social media.  You could choose not to partake, but that just means the rest of the world will know the 56% exist, not you.

A few years ago, Facebook and Twitter just seemed like just fun ways to keep in touch with your friends.  Today, people are actually making careers out of social media.  And no, these people aren’t just playing on the Internet all day.  There actually is both an art and a science behind every single post, Tweet, share and like you see.

The goal of social media is not JUST to have a gazillion followers. It’s to create relationships.  To build trust.   To brand and optimize your company.  To create relevance.   Sure, having a lot of likes IS important.  But what’s the point of having a bunch of likes, with zero engagement with these people? This is why posting is important.

Social media sites keep you in people’s minds.  Unlike a website, social media sites offer the opportunity to communicate back; creating a conversation, and ultimately a relationship.  But remember, don’t just post to post.  Then you’re “that guy,” the one who drags meeting out because he likes to hear himself talk; and NO ONE wants a relationship with “that guy.”  Research your customers; find out what they like.  Present them with unique, engaging content.  If you are offering a new product – tell us about it!   If you found a funny cartoon relating to your business, share it!  If there’s new industry information vital to your demographic, by all means – tell them.

Whether you choose to designate a social media specialist, or do it on your own, remember the three Rs:  research, relevancy and regularity.  Research your clients, share information that matters, and do it on a regular basis.

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