Are you going out of town for Thanksgiving next week? Is your warehouse inventory ready for the busiest commercial sales time of the year?

As a warehouse inventory manager, the holiday shopping season can get a little stressful. The steady ebb and flow of inventory is disrupted by the large orders coming in, filling up your shelves to max capacity before quickly being shipped out again. What can make this time even more stressful, is that your family is insisting that you come home for Thanksgiving. While you’re looking forward to eating as much turkey as your stomach can hold, your inventory would be left unsupervised by a manager during this critical time. After all, your co-workers really like turkey too.

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But don’t cancel your travel plans just yet. With Rapid Inventory’s online warehouse inventory management system, you can manage your inventory anywhere there is a wifi connection. With your personal, secure login, you can access your QuickBooks inventory account and track all the products in your supply chain from the comfort of your mother-in-law’s couch.  You can also add multiple accounts so that other managers can check into the system at any time as well. Multiple accounts are perfect for these holiday rushes because it allows managers to split the workload so they don’t miss out on all the holiday festivities cialis billig kaufen.

Rapid Inventory’s cloud-based convenience is only made better by how cost-effective it is with just one low, flexible monthly fee. Furthermore, the program is continually updated so that you always have the latest and most up to date version when you log in. So don’t stress. Enjoy that turkey along with one of the most accessible inventory management systems out there.