QuickBooks has a multitude of built-in functions that make keeping track of payments and inventory a relatively easy process, which is why the software has risen to the top of the ranks in business tracking software. Like most tracking programs, QuickBooks takes time to register changes in inventory, though, which can prove an issue in warehouses where goods come and go quickly.

Knowing how much inventory you have on hand at any time of day ensures outgoing orders ship on time and incoming product is ordered with enough leeway to keep items in stock at all times. To keep an accurate up-to-the-minute count of goods, your warehouse managers may be taking notes on paper or even stopping for occasional counts of product throughout the day to compensate for the lag between inventory changes made in the system and those inventory changes appearing in QuickBooks. This wastes time, but may be a necessary evil in fast-moving storage houses to ensure an accurate count.

Rapid Inventory eliminates the lag time from when inventory changes are entered into the system to the appearance of these changes in QuickBooks. The program provides a real-time, up-to-the-minute look at inventory changes as they occur, and integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, which means no learning curve.

The Rapid Inventory software accepts manual entries, as well as barcode scanning, and captures standard tracking information – location, receive date, expiration date, lot number and hold codes. The program is designed for use specifically in the warehouse.

Better yet, Rapid Inventory works any place there is an internet connection. This means inventory coming into multiple warehouses can be easily tracked from one system, and pick-ups can be tracked from the moment they land in the truck, before they even reach the doors of the warehouse, ensuring even greater accuracy in inventory counts.

With Rapid Inventory, there are no more manual counts, fewer late products orders, and fewer lost products. Rapid Inventory helps ensure accurate inventory numbers so that customers receive products on time every time, keeping your client base happy.