Happy Halloween! It’s the one night of the year when it’s pretty normal to see devils and ghouls roaming the street corners of our neighborhoods. But did you know the devil could be around us everyday, everywhere, and on everything!? It’s the Mark of the Beast! You know, the numbers 666, as referenced to in the Book of Revelations, as seen on that Damien kid’s head and…in every barcode in the world!

What I’m talking about here are the three “guard bars” in the barcode. They are the slightly longer stripes at the beginning, the middle and the end of every barcode. Functionally, these bars allow the scanners to note where the barcode begins and ends, while the middle one separates the the manufacturer code from the product code.

But what’s most interesting about these bars is the conspiracy theory that says they are a code that represents the number 666, or the Mark of the Beast. This rumor has been spreading since 1982, when Mary Stewart Relfe’s book, “The New Money System 666” was first published. Since then it has been referenced in many popular publications and other media.

After a quick online search, however, one can easily find multiple testimonies that debunk the 666-in-all-the-barcodes theory. Like how barcode scanners don’t read the guard bars as the same number; they are actually different. But don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. While computers don’t read 666 in every barcode, there is wide consensus that these guard bars strongly resemble the code for 6.

This strange similarity has even been agreed upon by the inventor of the Universal Product Code himself, George Joseph Laurer. And would you look at that, Mr. Laurer has six letters in his first, middle and last name. Coincidence? Maybe…

For some people, these sort of “coincidences” and the appearance of “666” within the barcode are enough to prove the conspiracy theory true.

What do you think about the mark of the beast in the barcode? What happens when you apply it to barcode tattoos? Think about it.

More Facts and Theories about 666 and the Mark of the Beast

  • U.S. Route 491 was created in 2003 as a renumbering of U.S. Route 666, nicknamed the “Devil’s Highway”

  • Some have argued that the Internet bears the Mark of the Beast. Translate 666 into Hebrew and you get “WWW”, the World Wide Web.

  • “666” is the combination of the mysterious suitcase retrieved by Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) in Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 film Pulp Fiction.

  • If you add all the numbers on a roulette wheel together, they equal 666.

  • Some say that the RFID technology that people could someday put in their hands is the Mark of the Beast.

  • You can take this Mark of the Beast theory pretty far with numerology.

  • Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia means “fear of the number 666”. Try pronouncing that mouth full.