Ralf has been in charge of ordering and replacing inventory for a while, but now he’s beginning to think he could be doing a better job.

Theres a lot of cash tied up in inventory

Man, we’ve got a  lot of cash tied up in inventory right now. 

there a lot of stuff in here

I guess we do have a lot of inventory in here that hasn’t moved in a while.

but I swear we needed all this stuff

When I ordered all this stuff though, I thought it would sell for sure!

This stuff has been here a while

But it’s all just sitting here collecting dust and taking up space.

How do I keep up with what's in demand

How am I supposed to keep up with what’s popular and in demand so our cash doesn’t get tied up in unwanted inventory?

Rapid Inventory can help!

Rapid Inventory can help!

INts got forecastin reports!

I’ll use Rapid Inventory’s Purchasing Forecasting Reports. That will help me make informed, accurate decisions based on past sales data and current market indicators.

nice and neat!

Look how nice and neat the warehouse is now that there isn’t a whole bunch of extra inventory!