Ralf has been very busy with March Madness this year. He has received a lot  of supplies for the games, and so far he’s done a great job of keeping track of it all. Today he received the biggest shipment of all.

Ralf gets a delivery

This is a big order and it’s all from several different suppliers. I wonder what’s in all the boxes?

ralf looks at the shirts

Cool! It’s a whole bunch of NCAA Championship T-shirts!

Ralf sees the missprint

Wait! This box of shirts were misprinted!

ralf cant remember where he put them

Oh no, where did I put the rest of the boxes from that supplier? Think, think, think…

Ralf worries which box has the bad batch

They could be in any of these boxes, or worse! What if they’ve already been shipped out again!?

ralf remembers ri

Wait a minute! I’ve got Rapid Inventory! 

ralf runs to the computer

All the information I need should be in the system.

ralf looks it up in RI

Yes! It’s all right here. The misprints are from Tawny Manufacturers, and all those boxes are in Lots C and D. Now it’s just a matter of shipping them back to the supplier…

Get those T shirts outa here

Get those misprints out of here!

ralf is a real champ

Thanks to Rapid Inventory, Ralf ain’t no chump, he’s a warehouse-inventory-management-champ!