Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how much product you have and where that product is located at all times? Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone in your company was on the same page when it comes to inventory-tracking and product management?

You can find out just how nice it really is with the Rapid Inventory app, which is available for free on Android devices. Because the Rapid Inventory app can be downloaded to any Android device, it’s easy to outfit the entire team with the app and keep everyone on the same page.

Staying on top of ordering and shipments means knowing what’s available in your warehouses and shops. While QuickBooks provides inventory-tracking features, it does not provide the real-time visibility warehouse and store managers need to successfully manage a supply.

The Rapid Inventory app is designed to close the gap between warehouse distribution and QuickBooks accounting software. With Rapid Inventory, warehouse managers, purchasing managers or store owners can track items, warehouse locations, lot numbers, expiration dates, product hold reasons, and more to ensure that product counts are always accurate.

Beating Shipment Costs and Expiration

Rapid Inventory tracks received items, moved items, picked items and shipped items, so you always have an accurate count of what you have in stock, how much viable time each product has left, and where to find each product throughout your company distribution system. Keeping an accurate count prevents the need for rush shipments to get product back in stock, and knowing when inventory is near expiration allows managers to use the oldest product first to ensure products don’t expire.

An Across-the-Board Solution

For companies with multiple warehouses, retail outlets, or trucks, Rapid Inventory is an across-the-board solution that can be used to track products from any location. Employees at the warehouse, stores, and on delivery trucks can all work in the application to ensure that product counts are accurate and everyone knows where products are at all times.

By having an inventory tracking solution that works across the board, you increase customer satisfaction. If you don’t have a product in stock at a store, for instance, your clerks can tell a customer if it’s in stock at the warehouse and how long it will take to get there at a glance; ensuring customers are always getting the best service you can offer them.

With Rapid Inventory, you always have an accurate count of product across your entire supply chain, which keeps your company running smoothly from any location.