If you’re one of the thousands of small, to medium business owners out there who use QuickBooks, you may have noticed a few shortcomings in the program when it comes to inventory management. That’s why Accucode created Rapid Inventory. Rapid Inventory is the perfect solution for small, to medium business owners who need to keep track of large inventory orders, shipments and backstock. Below is a list of the top 5 attributes that make Rapid Inventory one of the best QuickBooks applications on the market for inventory management.

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  1. Cloud Based: Rapid Inventory is your warehouse management system “in the cloud.” There is no physical disc to download or install; no expensive server to maintain.  Since Rapid Inventory is hosted in the cloud, you can access the tool from any Internet source, at anytime — your computer at the office or the laptop in your living room.  All of your data stays private, securely maintained at all times, and completely accessible, regardless of whether you are at home or in the office.  Got Warehouse employees in other states?  No problem.  They’ll be able to access the system just as easily as your in-house secretary.

  2. QuickBooks Integrated: Rapid Inventory was built from the ground up to be completely integrated with QuickBooks. Rapid inventory enhances any QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise Software with fully functional and integrated inventory management features.  This complete integration is made possible through QuickBooks Web Connector, which is automatically installed when you first start using QuickBooks.  From QuickBooks to Rapid Inventory, the data exchange includes items, sales orders, purchase orders, and bill of materials — and from Rapid Inventory to QuickBooks, the data exchange includes invoices, bills, inventory adjustments, and counter sales (sales receipts).

  3. Subscription Based: Rapid Inventory’ subscription based pricing is simple and affordable.  There is absolutely no contract that you are locked into upon signing up, no pushy sales team, and each Rapid Inventory user license costs only $60/month/user.  There is no additional server to buy, no software to maintain, and nightly backups of your data are made automatically.  Furthermore. all pricing includes any and all the technical support you may need.

  4. 30 Day Free Trial: Every new Rapid Inventory account starts out as a free account for the first 30 days. There is  no credit card or payment information required.  Immediately after signing up for the free trial, you’ll gain access to a new, free Rapid Inventory account, which includes the same exact features of a paid Rapid Inventory account.  This is your chance to try the product out, and see if it is the right fit for what you’re looking for.  When those first 30 days expire, then you have the option of adding payment information. If you’d like to continue with the product, all data and information from the free account you’ve created will transfer over to you paid account.  You’ll continue to receive a monthly bill upon submitting payment information, and you have the option of cancelling at any time.  If you find that this QuickBooks Inventory Management add-on is not the right fit for you after 30 days, simply let your account expire.

  5. Help Desk: The Rapid Inventory Help Desk earns unheard of rave reviews when it comes to Technical Support. With such a small team, each Rapid Inventory Help Desk guru is passionate, dedicated, and personal.  It’s nice to know you can call up friendly and familiar folks each time you run into a problem. They’ll  understand where your company is at with the use of the product, and just what kind of help it is you need.

And there you have it.  A brief “Best Of” when it comes to Rapid Inventory.