Cloud based inventory management is often lauded for its incredible convenience, but there are plenty of additional benefits to this setup. Perhaps the greatest advantage of a cloud based system is the sheer potential for savings. Given the current economy, warehouse managers cannot afford to let a single penny be wasted; thus, efficiency is the key to savings.

The primary goal of the Rapid Inventory team is to ensure that you receive the absolute best and most efficient in cloud based management, but without the added costs and inconveniences attributed to more traditional hardware and software setups. The following are just a few ways in which Rapid Inventory keeps your costs to a minimum.

Multiple Warehouses

If you are responsible for running multiple warehouses, you may be required to transfer items between locations. Rapid Inventory’s cloud based system not only makes this warehouse-to-warehouse transfer easy, it allows you to add on extra warehouses at no cost! The potential savings from this setup are significant.

No Expensive Hardware

The hardware and software associated with traditional inventory systems can get pricey fast, particularly if the provider charges setup fees. With Rapid Inventory, many of the expenses related to onsite systems are eliminated, as is the risk of having to replace such a setup should an emergency occur in or around the warehouse. Instead, your monthly subscription fee goes to the maintenance of data at Rapid Inventory’s secure hosting facility in Denver, Colorado.

Easy Monthly Subscription

Don’t lock yourself into a long and expensive contract. With Rapid Inventory, you enjoy access to a simple monthly subscription. The first month of service is absolutely free, allowing you and your employees to adjust to the new system and determine whether it is the appropriate choice for your warehouse setup. After that, you will be charged a low fee on a month-to-month basis, meaning that, should you need to get out for any reason, you won’t have to worry about breaking a pricey contract. It’s time to ditch the extensive contractual obligations and hook up with a cloud based inventory management system that prioritizes your needs.