Every small business must adhere to the standards and regulations of the FDA, making the tracking and organization of warehouse inventory the key to a successful recovery from a product recall.

Any industry regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), must keep up with detailed warehouse inventory records to comply with the strictly enforced regulations. One of the reasons these regulations are put in place, is in case there is a product recall. Whether it’s a bad batch of milk or a product defect with safety hazards, the FDA needs the ability to drill down to the the exact point of origination that caused the recall. Otherwise, the original manufacturer could face penalties for not having these tracking capability in place.

This recently happened to a company called Big Blue Fisheries. It was discovered early last month that some of their salmon products may not have cooked properly. Like any respectable and reliable brand, the company responded swiftly and contacted the FDA to begin a formal recall. Big Blue Fisheries then looked at their records to identify the origin of the contaminated product.

In this case, the vacuum-packed, plastic packages were all correctly labeled with a pack date, ship date and lot number. The company’s detailed records also listed where that specific product had been shipped to and sold from. Due to these detailed inventory records, I imagine the recall went smoothly

Suppose, however that Big Blue Fisheries had not been able to locate the origin and lot number of the contaminated product in their warehouses. What originally could have been the recall of just a few specific products, could have turned into a full-on recall for all Big Blues Fisheries’ products. Think about how damaging that would have been for the company’s business and reputation!

One tool small business can use to help with their warehouse inventory management is <a href="http://www cialis mit rezept.rapidinventory.com/”>Rapid Inventory. Besides being fully integrated with QuickBooks, Rapid Inventory has the ability to track items in multiple warehouse locations and can drill down to specific lot numbers and bin locations. These Rapid Inventory features makes the potentially damaging situation of a recall a quick and easy fix.