Do I need a credit card to sign up?
No, you can sign up and use Rapid Inventory for one month without entering your credit card information. At the end of your trial you can select the number of licenses and enter your credit card.
Can I change the number of users?
You bet! You control the number of user subscriptions in your account. You can add or remove users each month.
Is technical support included?
Yes! Unlimited use of our help desk is included with your trial and monthly subscription. Our Rapid Inventory specialists are here to help – please use them, they get lonely.

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What happens at the end of the trial?
At the end of the trial, you can select the number of user subscriptions and pay inside the application. All your configurations and data will remain. If you decide not to pay, your trial will be deactivated.
Am I locked into a long contract?
No way! We only offer a month to month contract. You are free to cancel at anytime if your needs change.
Does it cost extra to use barcodes?

No, all barcode functionality is built into Rapid Inventory and available to use free of charge. We offer great barcode equipment for purchase or rent if you need it.

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