Barcode Functionality

The use of barcode technology continues to expand and the cost has come down. Whatever industry you’re in, chances are many, if not most, of your competitors are using barcodes in some way.

Designed for Barcodes

Unlike many inventory management solutions, Rapid Inventory is designed to allow you to start using barcode inventory functionality quickly and easily. The technology is built right in, so after your initial setup, you can instantaneously improve your warehouse efficiency with barcode inventory control.


With a barcode location label, an employee can simply scan an item and you’re ready to enter transactions that need location data to be entered. Scanning barcodes is easy! No keystroking needed.

Lot Numbers

It takes just one recall to throw your warehouse into chaos…unless you have accurate records for exactly what lots were sold to which customers. Barcode scanning is the best way to be sure.

Receiving Items

Just scan a manufacturer’s barcode label and the product is identified.

Cycle Counts and Physical Counts

Take only a few seconds to scan the location, the item, and the quantity. Done.

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