These carefully selected products come pre-configured from Accucode specifically for use with Rapid Inventory. Please fill out the information below and a Rapid Inventory equipment specialist will contact you to discuss your requirements and process your order.

  • This small scanner is affordably priced and easily fits in your pocket. The CS3070 offers real-time bar code data transmission via a wireless Bluetooth connection to smartphones, laptops and more.

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    This unit is manufactured by Datalogic. It is a real-time, wireless, industrial pistol-grip scanner, and is designed to take the abuse of working in a warehouse. This is a "One Dimensional" Laser scanner, which will scan most "normal" types of barcodes that one might find on consumer products. This scanner is a standard range scanner, which means it will scan a barcode on a product or a shelf from a comfortable distance. The distance depends on the size of the barcode: a small UPC code can be scanned in the one foot range, a large shelf location label might be scanned from up to four feet away.

    Two free hands are better than one. Give your employees a place to put the scanner while they are carrying your valuable inventory. This tough ballistic nylon holster is reversible to be used on either hip (handy if you have any left-handed folks in the warehouse). It has a small pocket on the front for pens or ship tags, and includes an adjustable belt.

    This Wireless Access Point is essential if the Accucode Certified Hardware is going to work correctly. If you have never set up a wireless network before, don't worry. We have made it a very simple process by pre-configuring the unit prior to shipping it to you. Open the box, plug in the power cord, plug in your network cable, and it is good to go. The mobile barcode scanner and the label printer are pre-configured to find this access point, so the pieces just fall into place. A single access point will typically provide adequate wireless coverage over a 15,000 sq. ft diameter area. Things such as walls, inventory stacked to the ceiling, and large amounts of metal tend to restrict the wireless signal coverage area.

    This unit is manufactured by Datamax and is a wireless, industrial grade, thermal transfer printer, designed to take the abuse of working in a warehouse. The Accucode Certified label printer will print multiple sizes of labels for all your labeling needs. Everything from small item labels to large location labels. We offer premium quality Accucode Certified labels in the following sizes: 2"x1", 3"x2", 4"x6".

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